• Envigo-Team

Why we love office 365

Hello, this is Brandon from Envigo. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be going over Office 365, and why we love it. For the introduction to Office 365 we will answer the question on everyone’s mind. What exactly is Office 365?

Microsoft Office itself is a set of “productivity tools” which are used on a daily basis in offices around the globe. We’re mostly familiar with its tools such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Office 365 bumps up the “productivity” factor by linking all the tools together, providing a data management solution and providing a superb user interface. Office 365 provides a web-based interface to access programs such as Outlook and Word and allows you to synchronize your work across multiple devices. How useful is that? At Envigo, we use Office 365. One of the features we really enjoy using is the ability to access our resources such as data and e-mails from anywhere. It alleviates the headache of managing the data of two locations and allows our team to work remotely, whether it be from work or home. With their Office 365 credentials they have access to their e-mail, Microsoft Office and the data of their workstations. Imagine taking a trip from Doral to Miami Beach to meet a client only to realize you forgot your USB flash drive? Fear not as Office 365’s OneDrive synchronizes workstation data to your Office 365 account so all you have to do is log in to your account and pull out the file. Nice save!

Next week we will be discussing how office 365 makes managing your organization’s data a breeze.

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