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NEW GFX CARDS! Should you upgrade?

A new year, and a new graphics card by Nvidia has just hit the market. Pioneers of innovation, Nvidia is known throughout the years as a “first-to” company by their impressive feats of technological advances; the most recent achievement being their RTX line of graphics cards that were first in the world to feature advanced ray tracing technologies built into their cards. 2019 is no exception, with their release of the all new GTX 1660-Ti; featuring 6GB of GDDR6 memory along with a 192 bit bus width, this card is locked and loaded for games to run at an oh-so-smooth 60 frames per second on max settings. This seems like the perfect time to invest in this beast of a card, but should you really?

To give an interesting discussion, let’s put the GTX 980 against this new card; the 980 came out in late 2014 at a high price point of $549 whereas this 1660-Ti is only $280, and comes with better performance than the former. These considerable performance increases can be more easily identified when their respective performance charts are placed side by side:

Nvidia’s new card is clearly far superior than the 980’s 2014 architecture. While the upgrade is definitely noticeable and much needed for today’s new games with their impressive graphics and immersive scenery, whether the GPU change will be worth it or not all depends on what games you currently—or are planning—to play; are you playing the all new Battlefield V? or the brand new Apex Legends? Or are you still playing a game released several years ago? The games that you play will ultimately be the core factor in deciding whether an upgrade like this is currently worth it or not to you.

Whether you decide to upgrade or not, the 1660-Ti’s performance-per-dollar ratio is astoundingly impressive, crushing the performance of an almost double-the-price graphics card that came out in 2014. The 16xx series of Nvidia is a family that is here to stay within the gaming community that doesn’t seem to fall back anytime soon, even with all the new games coming out this upcoming year; while you may not need to upgrade now, this card should always stay on your radar as long as it doesn’t get superseded by another budget card.

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