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Wet Phone Repair Myths

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Truth about Water Damaged Phone or Computer Repair. Ahh, I've seen it so many times over the last ten years at my shops. People accidentally spill liquid all over their precious electronics. Every day I see the erroneously youtube videos and commentary on social media giving baseless tips on how to repair your water damaged device. Wait, wait, wait, I know what your thinking I know this may seem biased, us being a repair shop and all but it is precisely for that reason that you should take our advice over some random dudes rice method success because of sheer luck! Ok, so lets hit you with some Facts!

Fact number one no two liquid damage spills are exactly the same. What we mean here is sometimes liquid can get into the CPU area of the phone or laptop, or maybe just around the charging area.

Fact number two which elaborates on one different liquid types can cause more damage to your phone ie: saltwater damage vs water.

Fact number three liquid damage ruins phones because of the liquid droplets on your mainboard act as conductors which cause cross circuits of different voltages to essentially fry components.

Fact number four whoever started the rice rumor is the reason tons of people have lost their precious memories.

To properly repair a water damaged Phone or Laptop it all starts with being properly informed. Ask your self, How long was the device submerged? In which type of liquid? Did you try to power it back on? Are you panicking?

The best thing to do like in any stressful scenario is to breathe. Ok, so you went swimming with your phone and just now realized it was in your back pocket. The good news is most devices power off when they detect a short to prevent further damage! Yay for engineers! It's up to you to leave the device off. Don't Turn it back on resist temptation! It can wait! Now was it salt water or fresh water. If water was of the salty variety, rinse your phone with tons of fresh water submerge it in fresh water cups. Rinse and repeat. Then run to a repair shop without turning it on or attempting to charge it.

A good repair shop will disassemble your device completely and lay it on a table each component side by side. Then we'll proceed to spray the parts with a water repelling oily substance (DeOxit) The main board is then placed in a dental grade ultrasonic cleaner with sweeping technology. These sonic waves penetrate the board and shake off water and corrosion residue between circuits while cleaning with an electronic cleaning solution. The main board is then baked for 20 minutes and then placed back on the phone. At which point we will attempt to power on the phone. This service cost $50 with us and works 90% of the time assuming customers did not attempt to power on their device 10 times before coming into the shop.

I know this seems biased and it really is the only way to save your phone and have it last a long time. Similar to how getting eating the best steak in town is usually prepared by a seasoned chef. Your seasoned trusty repair shop could help you save a ton of memories and heartache.

OK, so why is the rice myth so prevalent, because people threw their phone in a bag of rice right away and waited till it naturally dried out and then tested to see if it worked after a few days or hours. The reason it worked for them was that water probably didn't get into crucial spots on some occasion. Also, people post the videos on youtube after they turn it on initially but do they do the followup video 3-4 months later when corrosion starts to grow and bridge circuits on their phones? If you had to do it your self to save the money the best way would be to completely take apart your phone and set it on a warm cable box type device and wait a day. (This would yield much better results then rice)

Thanks for the read!

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