• Envigo-Team

Apple's HomePod?? Drop already!

Where are you? 2018 seems to be the year smart homes explode across the nation.Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home work really well. They are able to properly distinguish your voice and execute commands on the fly. Don't believe me try using Hey Siri on your iPhone now its 100 times better then it was on the Apple iPhone 4s in 2011. So why is the title Apple's HomePod, well I'm really excited about having a company, I trust, release an assistant. Apple's privacy policy is leap years ahead of the competition. Commands to Siri will be anonymized and encrypted before going out. Looking forward to seeing how it integrates with Apple Home Kit. "Hey Siri turn on the kitchen lights" How useful is this when your walking in the door with bags in hand. Before the trolls take over! I know tech like this exist I'm hoping Apple gets it right and bug-free thou, like many of their products. Envigo is purchasing a few units as soon as they are released we will provide an unboxing and full review in the coming months.

Home Pod
Smart Home Home Pod