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Pricing for phone repair

Envigo Computer & Phone Repair is an out of warranty repair center in Miami FL. All repairs come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects which cover parts and labor.

Envigo iPhone Repair Pricing

Frequently asked questions

Why is your pricing different than other competitors?

All repair shops unless authorized Apple repair centers use aftermarket screens or refurbished screens. Believe it or not, refurbished screens are more valuable screens because they use original Apple components. In the Aftermarket and refurbished world there are different categories of screens which rank from A to Original. Now the Chinese manufacturers are smart and they know buying B and C quality screens sound bad to consumers so they rated the worst quality R.
There is such a thing as B stock and these are usually highly defected with bad pixels etc only really dingy repair shops use these. The Scale rating is actually like this R, A, S, S+, Original.
R - BAD - Very cheap - Not Bright all aftermarket components glass is usually not as strong.
A - OK- Cheap- - Same LCD as R so not bright but the glass is strong and feels good.
S - Good- Good Value- Vivid LCD like the original and strong glass feels good. hard to tell a difference between original and this.
S+ Great - Expensive - Original glass, original LCD, original frame - looks just as good original no difference.
Original - Not Obtainable- Same as S+ but apple puts there logo on it and serial.
Original Refurbished - Good Value- Cost about the same as S+ screens usually used when turning back into apple for upgrade or providers which ask for serialized screens.
We felt you needed some proof so here is a direct link to one of our suppliers. So why is the price so different between all the different shops and apple, its because the quality of screens they choose to provide. Envigo uses S quality screens with S+ and original refurbished on request. We also give you the industries best warranty, 1-year parts, and labor.

What's the benefit of repairing with Envigo?

We are an after warranty repair center if your phone is covered by Applecare+ We advise our customers to get them repaired with the manufacturer. Very quick turn around times it takes us about 20-30 minutes to fix your phone.
We offer a 1-year warranty from a brick and mortar location that's been up for 11 years now.
Our focus is on repairing not selling silly products or cell phone service.
We offer the best value in repair you won't find our quality for a better price we guarantee it.

How long does it take to get repaired?

If you make an appointment with us you'll be in and out in 20-30 minutes for most repairs.

Will my original warranty get voided?

No in 2017 Apple made it so your phones warranty is no longer voided when getting your repair done with a 3rd party. Again we urge our customers to get their items repaired with Apple if covered under warranty.

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