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Founded in 2007, Envigo is a leader in performance computers, audio-video deployments, custom integrations, and smart home automation.
Envigo was founded by two amazing friends Patrick O'Keefe and Aldo Rodriguez; having solid networking, IT, and gaming backgrounds, we started building high-performance custom computers. In 2009 we opened our storefront with a wide range of services, including smartphone repairs, computer repairs, on-site tech services, and more.
The advent of the internet and all things connected. Everything started to change. The request was different; we now had clients asking us to tie their audio systems into their computers to access their playlist all over their homes. We had mothers asking us to sort photo-books to display on their TVs. Parents worried about the content their kids were accessing on the net and the amount of time they spent on devices. As parents and techs, we decided to join the space with a forward-thinking approach by providing long-lasting and secure tech solutions to monitor, moderate, and control activities within your home. In 2015 with more smart home products being sold, we embarked on a mission to educate the public, demystify privacy concerns, showcase efficiency, deploy intelligent home tech and networks, and make technology accessible and reliable for the end-users.

Aldo owner Envigo

Envigo brings Tech that enhances and simplifies people's lives. We've been in love with technology for over ten years and will continue to provide excellence in each project, guaranteed.

Aldo G. Rodriguez

Founder Envigo Corp

10 years in business


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